The Cause

About the Cause

Lullabies for Getty was inspired by my dog, Getty. I got this dog from the shelter and when I first got her, she was in terrible shape. She was skinny, her teeth were in bad shape, and she was afraid of people. Her skin was also in terrible shape and she would itch all night. I took care of all her injuries. I took her to the vet and spent thousands of dollars, and physically, she was returned to normal. However, there was one problem. Due to all the psychological and mental abuse that she had gone through in the past, she was not mentally in good shape. Even though she was not itching any more, at night she still could not sleep. That's when I discovered the power of lullabies for dogs.

Lullabies for Dogs

Some people think dogs are not intelligent or dogs don't understand. People! Dogs are not inanimate objects. They are very good at looking at cues and understanding what's happening around them. Sometimes my dog understands when I am sad or happy. When I am sad, she goes away because she knows I want to be left alone. Sometimes I can swear that she reads my mind. When I am happy, she comes over and tries to play with me. Hence, lullabies can be very effective for dogs too. When my dog was showing signs of disturbance, I just started reading her poems and stories and lullabies and that would calm her down. I think there might be some kind of an invisible connection between us, like telepathy. She feels what I feel. If I feel calm and not disturbed, she feels the same way.

Be a Part of the Cause

If you have a dog and your dog is showing the same symptoms that Getty was showing, I encourage you to try my methods on him or her. You would be surprised at how much it works. I don't make much money doing this, any time you buy a song I make a few pennies, which are spent to keep this site up and running. I keep this site open because I want to help other people, I also I am hoping to connect to other people that are in the same situation and hear their results. Did you try this method? Did it work? Did it fail? In either scenario, I would like to hear from you.

Let Us Know Your Results

If you have used my method and found it helpful, I would like to hear from you. Let me know what changes you saw and by when. I would also like to hear from you if you did not see any results. Let me know why you believe there were no results. This helps me tweak my method and make changes to it.