The Story

About Getty

I got my dog at a shelter in Los Angeles, CA. When I first got her, it was estimated that she was about two years old. They are not sure of his breed or where he came from because she was just found on the street. When she was first found, she seemed neglected and abused. When I first saw her, I fell in love with her and knew that she is the one. I instantly told the lady at the shelter that I wanted her and they did all the paperwork and also took care of all the vaccinations and all the other formalities and gave her to me. When I took her home, I had no idea how to take care of her because she was in very bad shape. Her teeth were all messed up, and her skin was in such bad shape that she kept scratching herself all day long. One of her ears was also so clogged that she could not hear out of it. We took care of all these problems at the vet's office. Thankfully, she did not need any expensive surgeries. They examined her and told me this is the best they could do and she would start doing better by the passage of time.

How I took care of her

The first night that I brought her home, I bathed her and put her in a blanket. It was a cold night so I put her by the fireplace so she would have a warm place to sleep in. She loved it, she instantly fell asleep. But her sleep seemed disturbed. The best way that I could describe it is when a human is having a nightmare and keep moving and talking in their sleep. The dog did not literally talk in her sleep, but she did make strange noises. It was as if she was having visions of past trauma. That's when I started thinking that I needed to do something immediately.

Singing Lullabies

When I was a little child, perhaps 4 or 5 years of age, my sleep was also disturbed. I wanted to express to my parents that I was afraid of sleep, but they would not believe me. They thought I was just trying to get attention. Finally, one night I woke up screaming because I was having a nightmare. My parents took me to our local pediatrician who recommended reading stories and singing lullabies. My parents started doing it, and my sleep got better and better. Eventually, I started sleeping like a baby. Maybe because of these experiences, I was also always attracted to llulabies. I like writing poems and rhyming the words, and I also like to write stories. I would like to one day make a living doing what I love, writing poems and songs.

What's your story?

I would like to hear your story. How did you come upon this site? Did you find it helpful? Do you also sing lullabies to your child or your pet? How is it working out?